About us

Dear tattoo artists! Let me welcome you on behalf of the Tattoo ink company and tell you about our project.


Initially, everything was conceived as "making cool paint for yourself and your friends," but it quickly came to the realization that this could be important for a large community of craftsmen throughout Russia. It has gone so well that now Tattoo ink is a huge company with several production workshops, a large team, management, support for festivals, and a large team of sponsored craftsmen and projects. I really didn't expect this, and I can only thank my reliable and cheerful team - those who bring it all to life!


Also, the basis for the existence and development of "Paint" from the very beginning laid the principles - "it should be safe for humans" and "science has advanced, it's time to use its achievements!"


Therefore, it makes sense to talk about the technologies and formulations used. The first and most important thing is of course the pigments used. After all, it is the pigment particles that will remain forever in a person in the form of a tattoo and should be as safe and stable as possible. We take a responsible approach to the selection of high-quality ingredients and buy pigments only from large international chemical enterprises with full control of toxicology and other parameters, because our paints are designed to decorate the body, not poison it!


The second most important thing is binders. Almost all powder pigments mix very poorly with water, and therefore most of the world's tattoo inks are made from old recipes from resins, rosins, or rubber impurities and are forced to stay a little outside the law - because most of these ingredients are not approved for contact with a person and his skin. Kraska, in turn, uses the latest copolymer formulation and it is fully approved for use and recognized as safe by all international regulators. Copolymer molecular chains interact well with pigment particles in the paint, and allow for longer retention of pigment particles in the skin and achieve more stable contour lines and shades. They are also more reliable in storage, do not rot, do not dry out, and are convenient to use.


As you have already understood, we work according to completely new formulas and use the most advanced substances. It is really important for us to do something new and keep up with progress!


Sincerely, General Director of Professional Tattoo Pigments LLС Shmytkov E.M.